5 Healthy Ways to Prevent Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a type of degenerative disease that attacks the nerves and can gradually worsen. This disease affects parts of the brain that function to coordinate body movements, so Parkinson’s sufferers will have difficulty regulating body movements including talking, walking, and doing activities.

Most cases of Parkinson’s attack people over the age of 60 so that making this disease is often called a disease of old age. But, that does not mean Parkinson can not occur at a younger age. Therefore, everyone needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent Parkinson’s.

Here’s a simple way to reduce your risk of developing Parkinson’s:

  1. Expand art activities
    Know your favorite art activities, be it painting, making crafts, writing stories, and the like. This is because art activities require better coordination between the brain and muscles, and cause psychological effects in the form of feelings of happiness.
    Health Corner LippoInsurance - 5 Cara Sehat Mencegah Parkinson-2This combination will train you in carrying out complex planning or brain planning before doing something. This is difficult to do when exposed to Parkinson’s, so when you continually sharpen it, chances are you can get Parkinson’s preventable.
  2. Regular exercise
    Exercise is also useful for preventing Parkinson’s, especially aerobic types. Routine aerobic exercise can even overcome the symptoms of Parkinson’s such as muscle stiffness, disturbed balance, and slowness of movement. Keep moving actively is the key to preventing Parkinson’s early.
  1. Consumption of balanced nutritious food
    Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin C, including green vegetables and fruits such as berries and kiwi. Consuming green tea is also good for the body, because the content of polyphenols can reduce toxic compounds that can interfere with the function of nerve cells in the brain.

Apply the above methods as a first step towards a healthy lifestyle without Parkinson’s. Let’s build a better quality of old life!

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