Alert! Corona Virus lurks!

Lately the world community was shocked by a mysterious disease outbreak in China that made dozens of people have to be hospitalized. After identification is carried out, the virus that causes the disease whose symptoms are similar to Pneumonia is identified as the Corona virus.

Pneumonia is an acute infection or inflammation in the lung tissue caused by various microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, exposure to chemicals or physical damage to the lungs. Pneumonia can affect anyone, such as children, adolescents, young adults and the elderly, but more in toddlers and elderly.

The incidence of pneumonia is more common in developing countries and attacks around 450 million people each year. On December 31, 2019, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, there were reported cases of severe pneumonia whose cause was unknown. The results of the study considered the possible causes of these cases related to Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARS) caused by the Corona virus and had caused a pandemic in the world in 2003. Corona virus has been reported to continue to spread to other countries such as Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

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Symptoms that arise in pneumonia include fever, weakness, dry cough, and shortness of breath or difficulty. In people who are elderly or have other comorbidities will have a higher risk to aggravate the condition.

The method of transmission and the incubation period is unknown. Based on investigations from several institutions in Wuhan, some cases occur in people who work in the fish market, but there is no evidence that shows transmission from human to human. But most likely the transmission of this virus can be through sneezing or coughing from an infected person to someone close to him.

Some vaccines currently available to prevent Pneumonia have not been used to prevent pneumonia that is currently outbreak because outbreak cases are caused by a new type of Corona virus (2019-nCoV), while some vaccines are available for investigators against Corona Virus Lurking at LippoInsurancet Pneumonia is as follows:

  • The PCV13 Pneumococcal vaccine provides immunity against 13 strains of the Streptococcus Pneumoniae bacterium. The protection period is around 3 years. The PCV13 vaccine is primarily aimed at infants and children under 2 years of age.
  • The PPSV23 Pneumococcal vaccine provides protection against 23 strains of pneumococcal bacteria. PPSV23 vaccine is aimed at older age groups (65 years and over) or aged 2 to 64 years with special conditions.
  • Hib vaccine provides protection against Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) which is a cause of pneumonia and inflammation of the brain (meningitis).

In response to this, PDPI (Indonesian Lung Doctors Association) suggested a number of things, including:

  1. So that people do not panic.
  2. The community remains vigilant especially when experiencing symptoms of fever, coughing with difficulty breathing, immediately seek help to the nearest hospital.
  3. Health advice
  • Perform routine hand hygiene, especially before handling the mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water and rinse for at least 20 seconds then dry with a towel or disposable paper. If there is no hand washing facility, can use 70-80% alcohol
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing.
  • When you have respiratory symptoms, wear a mask and seek treatment at a health care facility.
  1. Travel advice
  • Avoid touching or direct contact with animals such as pigs, dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, cows, birds and chickens.
  • Avoid visiting wet markets, farms or live animal markets.
  • Avoid close contact with patients who have symptoms of respiratory tract infections.
  • Comply with food safety instructions and hygiene rules.
  • If you feel that your health is uncomfortable when in an outbreak area, especially fever or cough, wear a mask and seek health services.
  • After returning from the outbreak area, consult a doctor if there are symptoms of fever or other symptoms.


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