Is it Safe to See a Dentist During a Pandemic?

Routine dental examination is usually done every 6 months. However, during the pandemic many patients were hesitant to visit the dentist. This is caused by concerns about the risk of spreading the virus.

Actually, you don’t need to worry because the dental check can still run safely and comfortably as long as you adhere to the applicable health protocols. Here are some healthy steps you can follow when you want to go to the dentist.

  1. Choose teleconsultation services
    As long as your sick complaint is not urgent, teleconsultation is an effective solution to meeting your health needs during a pandemic. This is because you only need a video call with your chosen doctor more easily and practically anywhere without having to visit in person.
  2. Make an appointment first with the dentist if you have to make a visit or direct treatment
    Specifically if you experience an urgent medical condition related to your dental health, as follows:
    – Uncontrolled bleeding
    – Pain in the teeth accompanied by swelling of the gums to the outer cheek area
    – Dislocation of the jaw joint
    – Control after surgery, such as removal of sutures
    – Jawbone broken
    – Making dentures for cancer treatment or certain radiation therapy patients
    – Measures to adjust the braces that hurt your cheeks or gums
    – Biopsy of abnormal tissue
    Also, do not forget to contact your dentist specifically if you feel the symptoms of COVID-19 when you will visit the dental examination.
  3. Keep wearing a mask when seeing a dentist
    Comply with the health protocol in force at the entrance of the health facility visited.

Pandemic may still continue for the next few months, so it is important to maintain oral health from now on. Start by applying clean and healthy living behaviors such as diligent brushing your teeth every morning and before going to bed, limit consumption of sweet and sour foods, and drink enough water. Come on, take care of your teeth and mouth for happy smiling days!

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