LippoInsurance & Lifepal

Health is an important asset for everyone. Although health insurance is often used as an “umbrella” guard for families in anticipation of over-spending on medical care, not a few are reluctant to buy insurance because the purchase process and claims are complicated. Are you interested if you can buy health insurance easily and also transparently?

Answering these needs, LippoInsurance and Lifepal work together to present an easy and practical health insurance solution with just a click.

LippoInsurance presents outpatient and inpatient insurance options. Through the “eBenefit” application available on the AppStore and PlayStore, customers will get cashless claim facilities without cards, live chat, telemedicine, online doctors (Android only), with extensive guarantees including COVID-19. This superior health insurance feature from LippoInsurance is combined with the ease of purchasing through as an online distribution partner. is an all-in-one marketplace for comparing and buying insurance products according to customer preferences. Through this site, people can easily search for health, life insurance, and others according to their needs and budgets. Lifepal also offers various financial tips and insurance product reviews on its website. As an intermediary, Lifepal tries to understand the interests of customers. Therefore, the process of purchasing insurance in Lifepal runs like a consultation. Customers only need to answer basic questions such as personal data and insurance needs because this site uses sophisticated algorithms to choose the right policy to be recommended to customers.

“We believe that with good financial protection, everyone can enjoy a stable and calm life with a loved one. Our mission is to provide access to financial protection for everyone. With this collaboration with LippoInsurance, we hope to provide the protection needed by customers in Indonesia, “said Benny Fajarai, Lifepal Co-founder

About LippoInsurance

LippoInsurance is an insurance company with more than 35 years of experience serving companies and families in Indonesia with a variety of innovative insurance solutions. LippoInsurance has proven to be a trusted insurance company in terms of “Operation Excellence”. LippoInsurance is rapidly developing to become one of the major players in General and Health Insurance in Indonesia with revenues of more than Rp1.4 Trillion. LippoInsurance also received ISO 9001: 2008 certification in terms of Business Processes and various awards from media such as Infobank, Media Insurance, Business Review, Economic Review, SWA and so on.

About Lifepal is an all-in-one marketplace for comparing and buying insurance products according to customers’ needs and budgets. Lifepal has written thousands of financial articles to help customers make the best financial decisions ranging from saving, investing, financial budgeting, and various tips to prepare for a more established financial future.