LippoInsurance was awarded in the 2019 TOP GRC event

Thursday, August 22, 2019 – PT Lippo General Insurance Tbk was awarded in the TOP GRC 2019 (Governance, Risk & Compliance) event

PT Lippo General Insurance Tbk is considered to have implemented risk management and compliance well. The event was organized by TopBusiness Magazine in collaboration with several competent institutions, and the award was assessed from three main aspects, namely systems, infrastructure and implementation of corporate governance.

Agus Benjamin, CEO of LippoInsurance expressed his gratitude for receiving this award. Benjamin also said, as a company in the financial industry, LippoInsurance always pays attention to matters related to Risk Management and Corporate Governance because these two things are very important to maintain business “Sustainability” in the midst of a dynamic and fast changing market. Risk Management will be the compass and Corporate Governance the platform.

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