PT Lippo General Insurance Tbk Wins ‘Insurance Market Leader 2019’ Award

Thursday, November 21, 2019, PT Lippo General Insurance Tbk won the 2019 Insurance Market Leader award at the 2019 Insurance Market Leaders Award & Insurance Outlook organized by Media Insurance Magazine at Sasono Mulyo Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta.

PT Lippo General Insurance Tbk, represented by Netty, Executive Vice President Corporate Relations, received this award directly.

The 2019 Market Leader Insurance Award was given to 15 General Insurance companies and 15 Life Insurance with the largest premium during 2018. The assessment is based on a study conducted by the Insurance Media Research Institute (LRMA).

Agus Benjamin, CEO of PT Lippo General Insurance Tbk appreciates this award and emphasizes that obtaining premiums is not everything, more importantly commitment to provide consistently the best service to all clients.

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