Golden Care


Milestone Years is considered by most people as a time to relax, enjoy the result of hard work, and enjoy around family. The decline of activities and vitalities can cause a problem which makes them need to get protection and help from loved one.

Golden Care is a special offer from LippoInsurance for senior from the age of 50 to 75 years. The product covers expenses replacement for the unpredictable/ unforeseen things that happen which make the principal concern.

Guarantees Provided:

  • Compensation Died as a result of an accident.
  • Total Permanent Disability Benefit and Permanent Disability Partly as a result of accidents
  • Medical Reimbursement and treatments due to accidents include:
    - Compensation Tool Motion (Kruk / Wheelchairs)
    - Compensation Reimbursement Physiotherapy
    - Compensation Reimbursement Expert Consultation
    - Replacement Pen Installation Costs
    - Replacement Cost of Care due to burning or scalded
    - Replacement Fracture Care Cost
  • Benefit Cost Funeral

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