HealthPlus Micro


It is undeniable that the risks or unexpected events can happen to anyone. In the business entity consisting of people who work in it, is very important for risk management in order to minimize potential losses. One of the risks that may occur is sickness and accident. With the management of these risks, is expected to reduce unexpected losses. Provides security of concern due to pain and can provide motivation to improve performance.

Another advantage gained is to become an employer of choice and increase bargaining power in the selection of quality job candidates so that the company can further improve its competitiveness. It is in particular also to the attention of the Government with regard to the need for health insurance in every organization stipulated in Law no. 13 2003 Manpower to occur a significant advance in the business world.

HealthPlus + Micro present to give peace of mind to employers on health risks that might occur in its employees.

HealthPlus+ Micro Benefits

  • Hospitalization Benefit Cashless system with no down payment up to 1.2 million Rupiah class room.
  • Benefit Outpatient Dental Care is equipped with the optional base with 80% reimbursement system
  • Ensure Dialysis treatments and chemotherapy
  • Ensure fractures along with supporting equipment
  • The existence of a premium refund in the form of profit sharing
  • Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit of up to 140 thousand Rupiah / day
  • Accident Compensation

Services that can be felt by Entrepreneur:

  • Network providers in more than 580 hospitals in the Indonesian
  • 24 hours Case Monitoring and Contact Center
  • Calculation Report Claims electronically
  • Personal Services Medical Assistance in several hospitals selected
  • Access to information policy, provider, membership data, and claim payment status online
  • Payments reimbursement claim a maximum of 10 working days after receipt of the complete

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