Medicare is a health insurance program specifically designed and tailored to the needs of the company in order to provide health protection for employees and families so as to ease the financial burden of employees which ultimately creates a sense of security and calm for employees and their families.

Hospital & Surgical Benefits

The Hospital Benefits and Medicare Surgery Basic Program provides a range of benefits that can be tailored to the needs of the company including treatment rooms (including ICU, ICCU, Intermediate, Isolation), doctors, nurses, surgery, medicines, laboratory / support examinations, physiotherapy, ambulances, outpatient before & after inpatient / surgery, outpatient due to accident and funeral benefits.

Outpatient Benefits

As an extension of the basic Hospital and Surgical Compensation program, Medicare offers Outpatient benefits programs including:

  • Consultation of general practitioners & specialists
  • Medicines according to Doctor's Prescription
  • Supporting Examination / Laboratory
  • Physiotherapy
Benefits of Teeth

According to company needs, Dental care benefits can be obtained include:

  • General Care
  • Special Care
  • Preventive measure
  • Dentures
Benefits of Childbirth

According to company needs, maternity benefits can be obtained including normal childbirth, labor with surgery (section caesaria), miscarriage and prenatal care / postpartum including complications of pregnancy & childbirth which includes the cost of treatment rooms, medicines, laboratories / supporting examinations, consulting doctors & delivery.

Benefits of Glasses

According to company needs, the benefits of glasses can be obtained include:

  • Lens
  • Eyeglass frame


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