Asuransi Aneka


Here is insurance provided by Lippo Insurance:

Engineering Insurance (Contractor / Erection)
Provide protection for the working of civil buildings against damage / bodily harm resulting risks not mentioned in the general and specific policy exclusions; including liability to third parties. The exceptions include war, rebellion, revolution, folk generation, nuclear danger and contaminated radioactive elements, depreciation, termination of employment, the element of intent of the insured.
Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Provides coverage for damage of various kinds of machinery, boilers and other mechanical equipment experienced by the Insured unexpectedly and damage / physical loss from causes such as material damage, construction is wrong, the mistakes of the work space in the installation, lack of workmanship, lack of skills / expertise, sloppy, lack of water in the boiler, blasting physical damage to equipment due to centrifugal force, short circuit, storm, or of any other cause.

The machines can be insured (Interest) are all types of machines (Machinery Equipment), ie machines with a source of electricity or other fuels and as a source of driving include: Pumps, Turbine, Machine Press, Engine Cooling or heating, engine Special-engine Industry, machinery plant, and others.

Burglary insurance

Burglary Insurance covers theft and burglary by force and used violence to break into or out of a building or structure or insured object, or any attempt to do so. It also covers damage to property or where the insured as a result of such action. In the event of a claim, the Insurance Policy indemnify the Insured for the loss by paying the cost of replacement, restoration, or improvement of appropriate base value of the property covered.

Liability Insurance Law

Insurance products that provide guaranteed protection to the insured against the risk arising due to the demands of the other party (the Third Party) in connection with the activities of the personal / company owned by the insured. Product Liability Insurance can not be separated from Third Party Liability (TJH)

Money Insurance

Insurance covers the loss of money or objects that are synchronized with the money (checks, stocks, bonds) during storage or during delivery with the conveyance of the risk of theft, robbery, burglary.

Heavy Equipment Insurance

Provides comprehensive protection or total loss for heavy equipment such as Tractors, bulldozers, excavators, cranes and other heavy equipment to damage either in operation or not, as a result:

Event of fire, collision, theft, and events that are affected by the weather.

Hole in One (Golf) Insurance

Guarantee against losses organizers due to the inclusion of the ball at the hole defined by the committee according to the rules Hole In One that competed in the tournament, with the insured object / reward his usual given are: Car, Motorcycle, money, travel package / spiritual / Umrah, etc.

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