Service Center


To provide facilities for users of motor vehicle insurance LippoInsurance. We provide LippoInsurance Service Center that provides the best of facilities.

Claim Guide

You are guided directly by our staff with a sincere and professional in completing claim forms and documents. You just carry ID cards, driver's license and vehicle registration driver.

Survey Instantly

We are always available during business hours, Monday through Saturday. Survey instantly when the vehicle comes to Lippo Insurance Service Center

Guarantee Genuine Spareparts

Lippo Insurance Service Center staff inspect original spare parts and installed on your vehicle.

Warranty Term

We give guarantee on the result of improvements in LippoInsurance Service Center for your car insured Comprehensive in Lippo Insurance

Free Repair at your place

For minor damage that does not require complex equipment and does not need painting, such as small dents, mirrors, wipers, and glass, we will come to your place WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST.


Being "Your Eyes", to monitor any improvements at all times so that the quality of workmanship every step of your car is assured. Your progress is always informed via telephone, email, or SMS.

Trusted Workshop

All workshop partners Lippo Insurance Service Center through a rigorous selection process. In addition to a reliable and responsible, professionalism and competence into consideration.

Time & Quality Standart

We apply time standards and strict quality improvements to your satisfaction.

Free Pick up Delivery Service

For those of you who are busy, you also provide a shuttle service between the car you by a trusted driver.

Daftar LippoInsurance Service Center

Nama BengkelAlamatNo. Telepon
PrimatamaJl. Kebon Jeruk Baru No. 1 (Arjuna Selatan), Jakarta Barat0888 0999 61 01
Jelambar JayaJl. Jelambar Baru No.9, Jakarta Barat0888 0999 61 02
Bengkel Setia MandiriJl. Danau Sunter Barat A1 No. 5, Jakarta Utara0888 0999 61 03
Motoreko MobilindoJl. Raya Serpong KM 7 No. 32, Paku Alam – Serpong, Tangerang0888 0999 61 05
Ekauto KarawaciJl. Raya Binong No. 09 RT 02/02, Curug – Tangerang0888 0999 61 06
Ekauto CiputatJl Ki Hajar Dewantara no 12 Ciputat – Tangerang Selatan0888 0999 61 07
Mitra Jaya ServiceJl. Makmur No. 14, Medan(061) 7777 1200
Glows Body RepairJl. Jendral Ahmad Yani (Cicadas) No 612 Bandung(022) 7205 206