Travel Protection Plus


Intending to travel abroad?

Complete comfort and tranquility of your trip with Travel Insurance Travel Protection Plus. With medical benefits are cashless, you do not have to worry about the high cost of hospital abroad.

What benefits are provided:
  • Cashless to guarantee medical care fees incurred while traveling abroad
  • To bear the costs of emergency discharge to home following the death of close family members
  • The evacuation or repatriation due to illness
  • The evacuation due to accident
  • The guarantee transportation for one member of the family when the participants were hospitalized
  • Repatriation of minors
  • Cost Benefit Inpatient Hospital continued in Indonesia
  • The replacement costs due to trip cancellation
  • Replacement on vacation missing
  • The replacement cost of the accommodation on delays departures
  • Compensation for loss in flight, robbery or damage to baggage
  • To bear the compensation for delayed luggage
  • Search and delivery of baggage and personal items were missing
  • Loss of travel documents valid passport / ticket
  • Missing Items Default.
  • The benefit for accidental death
  • Benefits for permanent disability due to accident
  • The benefits to personal liability
Extra Benefits
  • Obtain general information requirements document embassies, vaccinations and entry requirements
  • The guarantee reimbursement urgent message delivery
  • The replacement cost of the delivery of drugs
  • Information medical developments
  • Help information is lost documents
  • Help Information Translators
  • Information Legal Aid
  • Change the daily loss on Hijacking of Aircraft
  • Extension of Period of Insurance Policy Automatically if the insured hospitalization or quarantine


  • 1 year – 75 years


  • Asia, European countries (Schengen) and other countries around the world

Length of travel

  • A maximum of 90 days from departure to return to Indonesia

* For Medical benefits, as of 1 April 2016 telephone number Claim Service of Policy Travel Protection Plus becomes +6221 29279640

Are You Interested?

Travel Protection Plus has been accredited for visa applications to countries SCHENGEN. Please contact us if you want more information about Travel Protection Plus.